• What is a Fixed wireless?

    Our Fixed wireless is a high-speed, reliable internet service sent from main access point to individual receivers installed for business and homes. Our fixed wireless is powered by a high speed fiber-optic backhaul lines

  • Does the unused data roll over each month?

    No. There is no roll over of data. 

  • What is an Overage?

    An overage is a charge for the extra bandwidth incurred  over the cap limit. Client will need to ask to activate overage, so in months when customer anticipate a lot of bandwidth usage they can activate overage, so they will not have any disruption to the service.

    Overages are charges for extra bandwidth or storage that are incurred when you need more than the amount of either one included with your plan.

  • What happens if we exceed our data cap? Can we buy more?

    The plan is set that you will not be able to exceed the cap. When the Cap is reached, you will not be able to access the internet. You have the option to buy a top from our top up plans, which is also cap for another 30 days.

    Another option if a client do not want to limit the data used after they have reached their cap limit is to ask for overage.

  • What is a cap plan?

    A data cap (bandwidth cap) means a limit on the amount of data transferred at a specified level of throughput over a given time period, for a specified fee. All our cap plan is a month duration.

  • What is a Satellite dish?

    Satellite Reflector dish antennas, also known as a dish or reflector, is a telecommunication device used to send and receive microwave signals. 

  • What is a transceiver?

    A device that can both transmit and receive communications, in particular a combined radio transmitter and receiver. The transceiver, which operates in the 'Ka band', means a 27–31 GHz frequency range for uplink (ground to satellite) and 17–21 GHz range for downlink (satellite to ground).

  • What power solution can I use if there is no electricity?

    Off grid electrifications; eg; Solar, Gensat, and hydro can be used

  • How do I purchase one?

    Request for application form from sales@emstret.com or admin@emstret.com

  • What is VSAT?

    A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a data transmission technology used for many types of data management and in high-frequency trading. VSAT can be used in place of a large physical network as it bounces the signal from satellites instead of being transported through physical means like an ethernet connection.

  • How do I get service?

    In the form simply choose the plan of your choice for activation. We will activate accordingly. Please note that some plans are no longer available in some location. Please check before you fill out the  form.